1. Rental Market Report

The Rental Market Report tracks inventory levels and successfully completed leased transactions for condominium apartments and townhouses marketed through the TorontoMLS system. Figures are given for the overall Greater Toronto Area market, its various MLS® areas and districts. Further breakdowns are provided for bachelor, one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and three-bedroom units.

The Rental Market Report provides insight into an important yet under-analyzed sector of the local real estate market. It will serve as a valuable resource to REALTORS® specializing in rentals or working with clients who are buying condominium units for investment purposes. It will also help potential renters to compare unit prices in different parts of the city.

2. Renting VS Buying, Which is better?

Everyone needs a room to live. In most people’s case they end up having to pay either Rent for this roof or a Mortgage payment, unless of course you have a rich family that can offer you FREE or Reduced Rent. The point is. We ALL have to pay for a roof over our heads.

Real Estate has always been considered a Long-Term Investment. The real question you need to ask yourself; do I really want to pay RENT for the rest of my life? Generally, a home makes financial sense if you are going to live in it for at least three, four, or preferably five years. When you buy you need to take into consideration the costs involved in buying and selling a home, from appraisal fees and home inspection to real estate commissions, all must be taken into consideration.

When people lose money in the real estate market it is usually because they did not own it long enough, they sold to quickly. This usually means within the first 3 years of the purchase. You cannot depend on making any real profit in real estate in the first 3 years. In fact, the market may fall after you buy your home. However, also keep in mind; the longer you own your property, history has shown us, you can be sure it will have increased in value when you come to sell.

Real estate has proven to be one of the most stable long-term investments there is. It is your guarantee of retirement security. Overall, it is far better to own your own home than rent. Not only for the pride of ownership but because it is your only long-term hedge against inflation. With rental rates increase constantly, there is no guarantee you will be able to afford them as the years go by.

3. Tenant  Insurance in Toronto: Are you sure you're covered?

Making sure you're getting the best renters insurance in Toronto means finding renters insurance in Toronto that offer sufficient coverage for your individual needs and not just getting the cheapest renters insurance coverage.
Of course price will be a factor when choosing from insurance quotes, but it shouldn't be the only detail considered. Reliable renters insurance in Toronto should detail the amount of coverage offered, your coverage options, and offer you a level of customer service that you can count on. Choosing The Co-operators to provide your renters insurance in Toronto means you can have it all. Request a quote now.
Get Renters Insurance in Toronto that suits your needs.

4. Credit Report and Score Check:      

       (1) Equifax:

       (2) TransUnion:


5. How about if the Tenant doesn't pay the rent ?

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